Saturday, 11 September 2010



This is a piece of artwork that is one of three. I used it on my other blog this morning because I was doing my best to speak about how words can be so good and yet they can do so much damage if we use them without meaning.

Even worse if we only use words and that is all, if the words have no actions attached to them they are meaningless. Just an explosion of nothing.

I painted this a another two during a period when I was thinking deeply about where I was going in life, what was I doing with life.

I am at a loss in life at present in terms of my art. I have not got a clue where it is going. I am hanging in here because I have met so many people in here who are supportive.

But today I was concerned that my words like my art was become just that an explosion of words and no more.

I feel so at a loss that a fellow blogger is in real need and I have only words.

So I give you today just a few words and my explosion.

Have a good day.

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  1. First of all Ralph, I love this painting. I think it is one of the most resolved and complete works you have put up. Don't worry about a dry stretch in your art career - I feel from personal experience it is just a time when things are brewing in a cocoon and something will come up for resolution and expression on the canvas when you least expect it. I sometimes paint 'against myself' at this stage and often the nonsense that goes on the canvas is something that is gone forever leaving the good stuff to be realised. (Getting rid of the dross I call it). I too worry about not being able to say the right things, especially in the blogosphere to my favourite blogger friends. Please don't stop talking to us...your stories do have power. I woke up this morning to your story of Socrates (a favourite of mine) and smiled. My lesson here was to stay away from office gossip. So there you go - have a wonderful weekend from me in London.

  2. Is it possible you're going through a caterpillar period, like I did recently? Some sort of metamorphosis is taking place inside you... just wait it out and see what emerges!

  3. Me too, Ralph, it is a feeling of powerlessness.

  4. I love this one somehow my eyes went down to the yellow.
    Thanks again for a great story you made me smile. I love working from my home office, away from the gossip.

  5. Ironical that your angst is also on our anniversary of 9/11 Ralph. And this painting is so appropriate! Love the movement.

    Every Artist runs into a questioning period for feel so static at times. You are not only talented but articulate - please continue.

  6. Our friend is in crisis but she is surrounded by loving family and the good prayers we sent with the offers for sharing with her. It is hard to witness and experience these events. Too many people are hurting, but the kind word expressed is not in vain, Ralph.
    I think this explosive abstract is powerful but contains some very restful colors, or rather joyous hues.
    Direction will reveal itself...just keep creating...We all feel like this; some more often than others, but it is part of who we are, my friend. Enjoy the remainder of the weekend. Best....

  7. Really beautiful colors and gesture Ralph. You don't have to feel out of heart or feel weak. Here in Greece my grandmother always says to me: "ah if you don't believe then nothing will happen. Why not to believe?". I think this is a very wise advise... if you believe in something, in anything that you need, then you take power and guidance...