Monday, 20 September 2010

A Work In Progress

A Work In Progress

Today I have used two different pictures, one on each blog but they do go together. Let me explain.

On the other blog there is a picture of a beautiful mountain ridge. It is the upper section of a mountain edge called, “Sharp Edge”. This is a route to the summit of a mountain in the English Lake District. As most of you know I love mountains, even though I am not good at exposed places. I love the very mountains and the views and world of summits. I discovered my fear of heights is much less if I run rather than walk. But as you know I have not been able to run till recently.

Well I am feeling fit. Next week is our October holiday and I am heading to these mountains. I have set myself a challenge of two mountains; this is the summit of one of them. This is my mountain to climb. Well it is one of my mountains to climb.

The other, is this picture on this blog. This is a work in progress. As you know I have been inspired by two or three of you to have a try at pencils. This is my second attempt. I have spent ages on it, yet I am still full of doubts.

The dark underside of the bridge I hope will look better when I complete the other half of the bridge.

I am not at all sure that I am managing to use enough different methods to get the shapes right?

I show it today because I know you will if you see a way give me advice.

I also hope that advice will be of help to others.

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  1. It's great! This is going to be an excellent drawing. The composition is already perfect! Keep going back into the shadow areas and building up the darks. I'm so excited for you! I know how it feels to embark on a journey with a new medium! And just think how easy it will be to carry around a pencil and pad of paper wherever you go!

  2. Love the way you have worked the rocks coming forward in the picture. Rocks are so least for me they are; could never get them right. Good for you.
    Not sure about under the bridge....see how it develops. Congrats....keep going.

  3. Remember your shadows and that they will all be on the same side of the rocks. but then you already know that from painting.. I think it's developing really well... This is definitly not and easy one ... you know me I'd say "do flowers" I also say YOU have a future with the pencil , so there!!

  4. Pencil work takes time- even more time than paint. You are doing great. My experience is limited to classes. I just know it takes time to build up the values. Don't use too much HB to start. In your deeper values, move in with your 2B pencil soon after the HB. It's harder to make things dark over too much HB. That's my only tip.

  5. Travail difficile que celui des pierres, des rochers...Comme vous avez eu à combattre la peur en montagne vous vaincrez avec celui des pierres.
    Je ne peux que constater qu'elles tiennent bien... Il est souvent délicat de les rendre stables... mais y réussissez très bien. j'ai hâte de voir la progression... Amitiés
    Merci pour vos gentils commentaires.