Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Aonoch Eagach Ridge

Aonoch Eagach Ridge

When I look through my past paintings I realise that I have only ever really done two or so paintings that could be classed as winter. I painted an ice cave at one time and then this winter mountain scene.

Both painting did in fact sell. This one sold as a wedding gift for a young couple who had a great love of the mountains.

I am not a lover of painting snowscapes.  Maybe this was because I heard a fellow artist say that snow painting never sold. I did not even do the research to find out if that was the truth or not.

This is a painting of a very famous ridge in Scotland with its wonderful Gaelic name. I painted it using Pastels.

My challenge for my series of four is to produce something that speaks of winter. The fact that I will be trying to do it in abstract will mean that it will not look at all like this winter scene.

In fact I wonder if I will manage it all?

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  1. This is beautiful Ralph. I'd not seen this piece before but it is just absolutely stunning!

  2. It sounds like you've set yourself up with quite a challenge. I'd think winter as an abstract will be difficult. Good luck! I like this mountain scene.

  3. I too like this mountain scene. You will succeed in your abstract..I have faith in you!!!