Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Blue Abstract

Blue Abstract

I still have not painted any new works this week. I am still trying to get everything off my computer and ready for the new one. It was my hope to paint today but I have got up this morning and one thing and another I just cannot bring myself to go into my paint room.

Painting is at its best when the artist and the paint become one. A friend was telling me only yesterday that this was no longer happening so the paint was being laid aside. I pleaded with my friend to think again. I was wrong to do that. If the paint and the artist are not singing the same tune the finished work will have no inner being.

I was looking back at some of my latest. This was my attempt at an abstract in blue. It was seen by everybody as a seascape of sorts.

Last night I walked in what could only be described as a torrent of rain and wind. All those who said they saw the sea in this abstract were right I did not see it that way but the sea was very much like this last night.

My heart was in this abstract I can see that. I can feel it. Today I could not paint this or anything like it.

I have put it on here so soon after last posting it because I can see now that this is in fact a painting with more in it than I thought when I last posted it.

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  1. Indeed a torrent of feelings in this 'masterpiece'.

  2. Such a nice painting, Ralph. I remember being disappointed when a writer friend of mine quit writing. She was published in many languages..writing fantasy fiction. But one day the ideas were no longer there and she quit. She now sells antiques and I believe is happy. I think fiction is difficult to write and she did such a nice job. I was always amazed that these delightful stories came from her mind and heart. They were there then not! Now I respect the fact that she knew when to stop.