Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Autumn Will Come

Autumn Will Come

About a week ago I was challenged to paint an abstract in blues. Blue was a colour I normally saved for seascapes and landscapes, seldom if ever did I use it in abstract painting.

I painted two, one that was very much in the style of a seascape and another. The second of these I called, “Spring Will Come Again.”  I very quickly liked the finished work.

Since it was painted it has sat, in its plastic sleeve, on the cupboard in the kitchen, where I see it every time I am in there.

The other night while lying trying to sleep I saw a further three paintings in the same format. At the time I had my earphones under my pillow and I was listening to the music, Vivaldi, “Winter.”

Yesterday in spite of the bruising and pain of my morning event I painted the next in the series. I might add I am not painting them in the order I feel they should be, rather in the order of the palette that yells to me that day.

So this is , “Autumn Will Come.”

Like the, “Spring Will Come,” it is painted using acrylic paint on acrylic paper.

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  1. Nice imagery of your process, Ralph!

  2. This abstract is very beautiful Ralph. I also love your lilies. It's interesting what you said..that the lilies have to struggle up through the mud for one to see their beauty...Never thought about it that way..