Friday, 25 February 2011

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

I am sorry to go back to paintings I shared so recently, but yesterday brought me some good news. An hotel in Fife has agreed to let me hang these four paintings in one space.

I am so pleased that I will see them as a one work of art hanging together.

At the same time my mind had filled with doubts and uncertainties. Are they good enough? Can they justify my having a first night gathering for just these four paintings? Do they really show off any talent? And that is just the start, of the questions buzzing in my head.

I could so easily putting setting myself up for a real come down. Do I want to do that?

Should I spend more money than normal and purchase really good moulding and mount board (matte)?

So last night I was excited this morning the light of day has dawned and the questions and doubts arise with it.

So why am I posting them again here. Well so far I have had some good comments about these works. But I have also had some not so good from friends.

What I would love from all my blogging friends is a real open honest considered opinion. Please.

Have a great day and thanks in advance.

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  1. Ralph, when my blogging buddies paint abstracts I can only try to find the interest in them for me. I really do not like abstract art and have a completely different take on it than most artists. My opinion would be worthless. But what I will say is that I like the fact that all four have a cohesive direction and look awesome as you have them in this post. To separate them would be folly!

  2. Try not to worry Ralph because as an Artist, you will never be able to please everyone. I mean, different people like different things in paintings and what one person loves another will not. I have so many paintings which I post on my blog and I will get some wonderful comments and yet some which are quite negative - We just can't please everyone because we all have different tastes. I think that your paintings are wonderful just as they are - as a four and it is all about the paintings, the rest is secondary. If somebody doesn't like the frame or mount, well they can change it! So, you go and hang them and be proud that they are your creation :0)

  3. Vous ĂȘtes le Vivaldi de la couleur...

  4. Ralph I must say these look really nice together. I am an abstraction fan for sure. What is not to like about these? I have had to learn the hard them in the best way shows you care enough about your art to present it beautifully. Presentation is important!!! Good luck Ralph and have a great weekend.

  5. Hi Ralph. I'm not a lover of abstract but I do like these... a lot. Your colours are wonderful. Over the last two years I have been slowly increasing the quality of my paintings and their frames etc. My sales have also increased but mainly on my older pieces that I haven't spent as much on. Conclusion: I like the feeling that my art is displayed in quality but people buy the art not the accessories.

  6. I think they are wonderful and each one stands on its own. Your colors and style are worth much more than a glance and I would love to see them in person. What size are they?