Friday, 18 February 2011

Lavender Fields.

Lavender Fields.

I added this painting today because in my other blog I was talking about my new garden plot. I thought this painting was a wonderful contrast between a plot in need of some love and attention and this beautiful field of lavender I saw while on holiday in France.

I have painted more than one version of this painting. The other version is on the other blog.  One has sold and this one is still in my possession.

Painting on canvas using acrylic paint.

The Task Ahead

I have added a further picture of my garden plot here. The contrast is indeed a challenge. I hope not a challenge too far.

Have a lovely day and a great weekend.

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  1. Wow - that colour is a real eye-catcher! Oh how I miss the colours of summer... sigh...
    Still, it will soon be spring and there will be splashes of colour appearing amongst the dull winter greens and browns. I can't wait! Until them we can enjoy paintings like this that make us feel warm inside and look forward to new growth :0)

  2. I love hearing about gardens : ) Your colours are enticing! And I would really enjoy seeing a lavender field. A peach orchard in blossom is something to behold though - and I get to see it every May : )

  3. I love your lavender field!

  4. a challenge
    and a plot of earth
    sew your seeds
    and bloom away...
    you glorious being!

    (alive alive alive...thanks for that comment!)