Tuesday, 22 February 2011



This is one of those paintings I did in the early days of my painting journey. It is one that I keep returning to, because it is one that I always feel is neither one thing or the other.

Yet it sold and sold very soon after it was created. 

Poppies are of course a favourite flower of mine I am enchanted by their seeming frailty and yet their ability to blossom on the most infertile of soil.

They also remind me of the frailty of my own life and life in general.

For those who have read my other blog before visiting this one there will be no doubt in their minds as to why I have used this painting this morning.

I painted this in acrylic. Maybe I should have a try at this painting again some three years down the road, this time in watercolour?

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  1. I like what this painting makes you think of, Ralph. I am always reminded of the field of poppies in the Wizard of Oz..."Sleeeep...now they'll sleeeeeeep!"

  2. Poppies happen to be my favorite flower too - Not just because of their vibrant red, which is my favorite colour, but also because of the translucency of their petals which allow the sunlight to stream through them and intensify their colour even further! I also like them when they come in to seed. Such interesting flowers!
    I'm not surprised this one sold quickly. It's nice that you added a few daisies too :0)