Monday, 21 February 2011

Winter Has Come

Winter has Come

It has taken me a lot longer to reach the stage of saying that I have now finished the series of abstracts based on Vivaldi – The Four Seasons.

In the process of doing it I have discarded a number of paintings. I have produced one or two paintings that I have kept but felt that they did not fit in with the first one in the series I produced. 

The first one came from a challenge to paint an abstract with blue in it. I ended up with two, one like a seascape and, “Spring.”  Having produced the  spring one I somewhat rashly set myself another challenge, to produce another three.  Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Along the way I have again produced one or two incidental paintings, at least two that have sold.

I found the last one the most difficult but here it is, Winter. Being four abstracts I am sure there will be many comments along the line, anybody could do that. 

I have to say that I can assure you it has not been an easy thing to produce a series of four.

Now I have an even bigger problem. What do I do with them?  None of the places where I hang paintings can hang on four in a line. It is difficult to show them on my website as a series of four.

I have a feeling these four abstracts; some of the ones I have sweated over most will lie in a corner of my spare room and gather dust.

I do though have to say it has given me a real sense of achievement and I do enjoy seeing them side by side.  So maybe once a year I will do just that ; drag them out and look at them.

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I have decided to put all four along the bottom of this post.


  1. Oh it would be such a shame to let them gather dust! How big are they? Could you not organise all four if them in to one frame and sell it as one large piece? Just an idea :0)

  2. Each one is 16"x20" so far too big to have as one work. They really do need to be seen as four.

  3. I like that the direction seems to be the same in all of them, Ralph. That lends such a sense of cohesion, much as the seasons follow one after the next.

  4. Having attempted abstract painting in my past, I can say without a doubt, it is difficult and requires mastery just as any other art form does. I never achieved the movement and grace you have here. Congratulations Ralph on such a phenomenal work. I'm so glad you paint! You are a master.

  5. I can see the transgression from sprouting spring, barren summers to a harsh winter - successful depiction Ralph!

  6. Truly , truly beautiful. Congratulations whit you works.

  7. Belle association de couleurs... Bisous