Thursday, 24 February 2011

Playing With Paint.

Playing With Paint.

I must be beginning to feel better, because I am again beginning to think about my next venture in paint. I still have not solved the problem of what to do with my series of four. I have put them on my website but I would really love to have them shown on a wall somewhere if only for a week or so. Even better if I could have  soft music of Vivaldi playing as they were viewed. I keep looking for ways to make this happen.

This painting is no longer a painting it is now hidden under another and I am sure sold. I was musing through all the paintings I have done this past three years and there it was. One of the lost.

As I look again I am not so sure I should have discarded it. Just maybe there was something there worthy of pursuit.

I can remember that I was considering texture at the time. I go side-tracked and did another lot of paintings with heavier texture.

I am thinking , after the four and more with no texture at all I will try something with some gentle texture in it. If not today then hopefully tomorrow, I could make that my little treat, rather than the ice cream .

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  1. I sure do like the colors in this one, Ralph.

  2. Oh! aujourd'hui en admirant ces belles couleurs, je me sens proche de votre esprit... dans ma dernière peinture ma spontanéité a penché pour ce type de nuances de couleurs...
    Je vous fais de grosses bises.

  3. the colors and the texture are so attractive. I envy the ability to abstract..