Thursday, 3 February 2011



I have added this painting today for the reasons explained in my other blog. Pendo and her husband live in the same village as me. She is a devout Christian and a lovely caring person. The first time I met her it was a beautiful summer day and she was dressed in beautiful bright summer clothes and a bright scarf. She and I did not agree all the time about the things that we believed in and we had some wonderful discussions. We learned from each other and often agreed to disagree.

One day she was with her husband and I called out her name. When she turned I took a picture on my cell phone. From that picture I produced this painting. Her husband bought the painting from me, he insisted on buying it.

Today as I write this she is sitting on an aeroplane heading to her homeland to attend the funeral of her young brother.

The painting was done in pastel and catches the essence of Pendo.

I put it here today to say simply, “You are in all our thoughts, go well.”

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  1. I remember this painting! It's beautiful. It captures the soul of this woman. I feel like I know her and share a kinship with her.

  2. Beautiful indeed, Ralph. I agree with Katherine wholeheartedly and she has my deepest sympathies.