Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Summer Will Come

Summer Will Come

So what on earth is this all about. I can hear you ask. Relax I thought I would share with you today just a little thought about my process.

I had this, Big Idea. (See my other blog.) That I would take a painting that had grown on my. My spring one and make it part of a series of four. I managed to get on paper some of my ideas about the second one and I do quite like it, though not so much as the spring one.

So two down, and two to go. Yesterday was the day to do the summer one.

The summer was in my thoughts; I had learned that I was to have a much larger garden plot this summer. More growing, more fruit and vegetables. But I was in pain and summer was not really in my thinking.
Fearless I cover my palette with summer colours.  This was the fourth attempt to get anywhere near what I was thinking , but sadly not feeling.

So this today will be filed along with the other three in my bin.

Will the big idea flounder at this stage? I am not sure.

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  1. Oh that artist angst! I know of what you speak, Ralph!

  2. I actually like this one. Don't know so much about it being summer cos I see two people deep in conversation. Maybe it's just me but yep I like it a lot x