Sunday, 3 October 2010

Pencils And Me

Just a very short blog to say that I have returned from my week of challenge in the mountains. More of that on my other blog  Things You Have To Do  I visted the pencil factory where they make all those marvellous pancils.

I took ages looking at all the different pencils they made. I now have a variety. I have bought some watercolour pencils some artists quality coloured pencils. I also could not resist some of the tinted charcoal ones. To round off my purchases I bought their new sketching folder. This is new to their range with a selection of pencils blenders and burnisher in a fold up folder that also has a pad eraser and sharpener.

Now I have to learn how to use them. HELP.

I am so looking forward to the challenge.


  1. Hooray!!! For two reasons: 1) Ralph is back! and 2) Ralph is starting a new journey with his artwork! This post made my day!

  2. Ask Away, I'd be more than happy to share whatever I know..

  3. Heureuse de vous lire et j'aurais bien aimé être avec vous dans cette boutique... C'est le type de magasin où j'adore passer du temps, fouiner, découvrir...
    Je pense qu'après ces achats Ralph, vous devez avoir une frénésie de peindre! Alors au travail et vite!

  4. Oh it sounds like you had sooo much fun. I can't wait to see what you produce with them.

    Welcome back.

  5. NEW tools to play with! I always love that.

  6. I just returned to drawing with pencils, too. We learned how to sharpen a pencil with a utility start half way down the casing, though and that scared us a bit thinking we would break one before we started!!! But we did get a finer point.
    Have fun!