Monday, 15 March 2010

Along the Firebreak

Along The Firebreak.

I chose this artwork for the blog because I felth that here was an example of nature at its best. Man creates a forest so dense that hardly anything can grow because of the lack of light. because of the density of trees and the dryness of the timber firebreaks have to be created to enable control of any fires. In this area between the trees nature very quickly restores its own order and beauty.

Painted in acrylic paint. I enjoyed painting this and painted another one on a box canves. it seems that my pleasure of this work was not shared by others because I am still the proud owner of both.

The can be seen on my website at :-

The blog for this artwork can be seen at :-There is Something Missing


  1. Hi Ralph; so nice to meet you! Thank you for finding me, which in turn has led me here. I have been enjoying looking through your art pieces and they are truly inspired. I love this blue flower field and your words remind me of the new beauty and rebirth I saw on Mt. St. Helens about ten years after she erupted. I love that your work is organic and originates in the heart! Consider me fan and a follower!

  2. Very nice painting and blue flowers enjoy me.

  3. nice one Ralph. The blues make the painting.

  4. Thanks all for the comments. This blog is really just a secondary blog from my main one where I do not want to clutter things with details about the art I am using. Maybe I need to give more thought to this one?