Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Passage of Time

The Passage of Time

This artwork, “Passage of Time” was another of the triptych I produced as my early adventures into abstract art. The three were based in some way or another around the big questions of creation, time and space.

I was very new to the idea of abstracts, prior to this little adventure I had stuck to painting seascapes and poppies. I had expected some comments and sure enough they came fast and furious. I did something like this at school and got punished for it was one such comment. Then there was of course, “funny shape for an egg.” “What were you on when you painted that?” Just a few of the many comments I had to bear. My friends were so used to looking at my paintings and knowing just exactly what they were. Here was something different. I began to doubt if it had been worth the attempt. The thing was though I had enjoyed painting them and they had made my mind active and thoughtful during the process. I had found it a pleasant experience.

Undeterred, I prepared them for hanging and braved more of the same. On the day I was going to hang them I removed them from the package and somebody came over to speak to me, made me an offer. They were repacked and he took them home.

So I had tried something new. I had faced the critics and a new adventure began. Abstracts certainly stimulate discussion and from time to time people like to hang them in their homes. The abstracts I hang in the three inns where I do hang my work for sale certainly stimulates discussion. People who have probably never discussed art since leaving school have become art critics in their own right, and they are never shy to say what they like and do not like.

One old wag when he sees me coming always makes the comment, “what are you bringing today to add to our understanding of culture?”

They were painted on three box canvas using acrylic.

Apologies for any errors there may be in this blog it was written but not checked. Yesterday while washing my caravan I fell from the roof of it and today I am in considerable pain so have just posted it unread or checked. I usually post then read the blogs I follow today I will post and crawl back to bed.

This blog is linked to my other blog where the artwork was used it can be seen at:-Time Change


  1. I've never been a big fan of abstract art and hated the one piece I had to do for a class. LOL I am awed by how quickly your pieces seem to sell, Ralph. Love that one gentleman's comment too!

  2. Well stated artistically. In this I see the passage of time....the emergence from the pure all white, confined area to eventual dissolution and darkness.
    Well thought indeed!