Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Cheeky Chappie

The Cheeky Chappie

Before anybody makes too many comments about this artwork let me make them. First comment not really all the great an example of a well executed portrait. Comment two I am sure I could have found a much more interesting character to try and portray. The third thought that it always brings to mind is that it could be used to frighten children away from dangerous places.

This was my first attempt at painting a person and it is painted from the face you see elsewhere on this blog. Ii was painted using pastels and nobody in my family likes it so it lies in the bottom of a cupboard in my paint room.

I chose this picture because the story I used on my other blog tells of the golfer and the elf. This story always reminds me of the day I was playing the fifth hole of a golf course. The golf course had a “dry stane dyke”, a stone built wall across the middle of the fairway hiding the green from view. I played my shot over the wall; the people on the other fairway were jumping up and down like little elves. I had my one and only hole in one.

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  1. I don't golf, but wow! A hole in one? Great shot there, eh, Ralph? I like the portrait. The way you've handled the hair especially.

  2. The portrait is indeed very good. You've captured very human elements on this canvas....there is a feeling of personality transferred to the canvas....not always seen unfortunately in portraits. The eyes, the smile, the frown lines says much of the person.
    Congratulations well done. Take it out of your cupboard, frame and hang in your studio. Should not be hidden away.

  3. Hi,
    I think in the first you wanted to paint your portrait, but your own feeling, your personality very quickly were appeared in your painting without knowing that.
    And it's because of that you're portait is gorgeous.
    Sorry it's difficult for me to find the right words in english to say what i'm feeling.
    Best regards.

  4. Hi Ralph, I love your blogs. The portrait is very much like your picture. I think the expression you've caught might be very much like the person who writes these wonderful blogs.