Saturday, 20 March 2010

From a Distance

Not far from where I live there is a very sandy beach. When the tide is out it seems as if the sand stretches for miles. One day I was returning from a rather hectic morning in court (I was on the bench not in the dock) along the top road. There was a beautiful soft hue to the sky, yet it was midday. I pulled the car over and allowed the tension of the morning slip away as I savoured the scene spread out before me. I could see in the far distance two people walking on the sand, small almost invisible. I imagined them with their shoes in their hands the moist sand between their toes. It was a very calming feeling.

But it also reminded me of this great vast universe of wonder and beauty. We have choices, we either enjoy or we destroy it. It was a very precious moment.

I came home and without waiting to change threw a canvas on my easel and in great haste tried to capture not only the moment but the feeling. I still have a spot of paint on my suit that will forever remind me of the creation of this painting. It hangs in my painting space, but I have a very good friend who loves it. He will never offer to buy it but one day soon I will give it to him.

This blog is connected to the blog where I share my thoughts for the day where this art is used it can be seen at:-The Search for the Holy Man


  1. Love the thoughts to go with this painting and the little speck of person. This does indeed capture the vastness of which you speak, Ralph. There is a sense of the world going on with us or without us. I can almost feel that cool, wet sand between my own toes.

  2. Beautiful painting and uplifting words. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Your suit carries the reminder that you had the impulse to create and you acted on it. That's a big deal.