Friday, 19 March 2010

Highland Gathering

Highland Gathering

This artwork was painted in acrylic on canvas. The night before painting it I had been watching the World Championship Pipe Band competition in Glasgow Green here in my homeland of Scotland. It was a stirring event in the end won by a Canadian Pipe Band. Bagpipe music either stirs the emotions or drives you crazy. The Scottish army used it to stir fear into their opponents, but all to stir deep emotion in their own soldiers. it was said during the First World War that two things helped the Scottish Army over the tranches, whiskey and bagpipes.

The music stirred my emotions that night. Next morning I arose early and played a well know pipe tune, “Highland Cathedral,” played at many of the important occasions in Scottish life. It is played at weddings and funerals and it is always played before the Scottish Rugby Team take to the fields, especially when it is the old enemy they are about to play against.

The painting was completed in one sitting. I suppose it is a bit like the pipes. You will either like it or hate but I suspect there will be few emotions in between. This painting was sold on the day I was hanging it for sale.

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  1. Gosh Ralph. You sure sell alot of paintings! How rewarding that must be! I have to say that I so love the bagpipe music and have to admit that it stirs the emotions deeply. I've heard them played at both weddings and funerals here too and they always make me cry.

  2. I spend much time in Kincardine, Ontario .... and every Saturday night a piper mounts to the top of lighthouse and pipes the sun to rest behind Lake Huron.
    Then the pipes begin in the park and march down the town's main street with the entire town - adults, children and visitors following along. No cars allowed.
    Indeed the bagpipes are most stirring and I think your canvas captures so well the emotions that overcome anyone who truly listens.