Saturday, 27 March 2010

Summer Evening Field

Summer Evening Field

Before beginning to speak about the painting on today’s blog can I thank all those who made comment to me on the changes I made to yesterdays painting. I am not a great believer in tweaking and going back and repainting but I think in this case it was the correct thing to do. Thanks for the very positive feedback. There are sites where comments are made about work and you find yourself asking if the commenter means what they say. Here I feel we meet people who encourage but are also willing to offer genuine and real support. Thanks to all, you all made yesterday a great day.

Today’s other blog was about flowers and gardens and of course weeds. I was talking to somebody yesterday about how late things were starting to grow this year after the long winter. “Well,” he said, “rejoice that the weeding will not start till later also.” I laughed and told him I was thinking of growing a row of dandelions. Those who have looked at the other blog will know what I was meaning.

This painting was inspired but not a beautiful garden, though one or two people have commented to me elsewhere that this is what it looks like. It was inspired while walking one summer evening last year. I was walking along the coastal path just as the sun was going down. I turned a bend and what I saw took my breath away. Grasses, greens and flowers all swaying in the breeze. I did not take any thought to the names of the “weeds” I just took in the colours and intensity of emotion I was feeling.

I admire those who can spend hours capturing the detailed beauty of a bloom. It is not my way so this makes no attempt whatsoever to give a detailed view of what I saw but attempts to share what I felt.

I painted this on a canvas board using acrylic paint. It was painted very rapidly. Painted using only my fingers that way I make no effort to get finicky and detailed I just let the emotions go free. ( my wife loves the colours that cover my shirts ha ha).

I am aware that it is no great masterpiece and I have already had the comments about painting chocolate boxes, and being asked what I had done with my glasses, had I lost them.

So please feel free to be as ruthless as you wish about the artwork. But do one other thing. Close your eyes and walk with me along the coastal path, open them and just see colour.

May your day dance with joy.

This blog is linked to my other where the artwork is used it can be seen at:- The gardner and The garden


  1. Odd to read about how you rounded a 'curve' in the road and your eyes were filled with this wondrous beauty. Why? Because my thoughts on this is that you've captured a most delightful spot on one curve of the earth. In the background is deep space, the curve of a not so distant planet. And odd, yet really cool feeling to get from a piece, Ralph. It is like honing in on something we take for granted and putting it in its proper context of beauty and importance to our world. I hope that makes sense. I'm not much of a philosopher but speak from the emotional level. Sigh...

  2. Oh Ralph! What a delight! I love that you paint with your fingers -- wish I could, but I just hate getting my hands dirty! Beautiful, fresh and gorgeous! Wish I could be as eloquent as you and "Autumn Leaves", sigh. And, thanks for all your kind words on my blog!