Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Mountains of Arran.

The Mountains of Arran

My first ever invitation to climb mountains was made while spending a holiday on the lovely Island of Arran in Scotland. On that ocassion I did not even begin the journey to the mountainsknowing that I did not like high places. I later as you know if you read my other blog managed to overcome to some extent this fear and have spent many days in the mountains giving me many wonderful experiences.

I have not, as yet returned to venture into the mountains of Arran but I am aware of their beauty.

Painted on a large canvas using acrylic this painting sold very quickly and I was commissioned to do a similar one soon after. The paintings now both are in private collections in Edinburgh and South Queensferry.

The blog for this painting can be seen at:-  Mountains of the Mind

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  1. Les deux personnages donnent de l'immensité à votre paysage. J'aime la dans de vos mouettes. On pourrait parfaitement les entendre. Bravo.