Monday, 29 March 2010

The Flow of Life

The Flow of Life

This is the third and final part of my early abstract Triptych concerning the meaning and purpose of life and my musings about creation. I have already explained how these three were sold the day I took them to hang. Autumn Leaves made a comment that she was amazed at how quickly my artwork seems to sell. Let me assure you not all of it sells by any means. I will let you into another secret; some of the people who have bought a painting from me have in fact bought two at the same time the one they see and the one that lies hidden underneath.

Nobody is more amazed then I am that people want to own my art at all. I have not been painting for very long in any serious way but I have been fortunate enough to have sold over eighty of my paintings. Now that does not make me a great artist, I more than anybody am aware of that. I look at some of the artwork of those who follow my blog and I am astounded by the quality of work and feel honoured to be counted as a friend by them. I strive to keep my art affordable so that it is never seen as elitist and I hang it in places where it is seen and discussed by those who would never ever consider going to an art gallery or art shop.

I would like to think that those who purchase on this side of the pond or that side that they enjoy having it. It gives me a great sense of joy that people seem to find it brightens their lives. Some have bought more than one so they must have liked the first.

I am indeed honoured and sometimes amazed. I have a little doodle I do that takes me about a minute to do using about three or four colours. With about nine or so strokes of colour it looks like three parrots perched on a branch. Children love doing it and love the sense of pride they get. One day I had been to an art store and was sitting in the cafĂ© at the railway station waiting for the train home. I had bought some new to the market ink. I think four colours. I took a scrap of paper from my notepad and tried them out with my little doodle. A gentleman sitting at the next table watched me. He then asked what I was going to do with it. I told him I was just going to bin it. He asked me to sign it and give him my email address. He took it from me and wanted to give me £10. I refused so he put it in the charity box. He later sent me an email with a picture of the doodle in a nice frame.

This blog is linked to my other blog where I discuss this artwork it can be seen at:-  Going With the Flow

Thanks to all those who have sent messages of well wishes. Still in a great deal of pain but am assured it will get better after a couple of weeks.


  1. I just love your humility, Ralph. It helps make an artist great, I think. I don't always see it so it is quite refreshing. I think your joy in what you do is what makes it so winning. I don't know that I could ever sell any of my pieces. I've given a few away, but never because I was asked for them! LOLOL I made them a gift! (Wonder where those are now?? Compost matter, I suspect.)

  2. Humble indeed and that is endearing. Yes humility I would expect makes a great attist. But look at Picasso was he not showy-offy! And all those women!!!

    You have sold 80 paintings - Edward Hopper painted around 60 in his lifetime (considered low for an international painter).

    I was sort of teasing in my last comment. I am on short purse strings in my current economic crisis. However, I am curious about High And Dry - What's its size? Framed or unframed? Cost?

  3. Ralph

    PS Having just read a comment of yours I have now completed my 'Contacts' page on my blog. You and the world can contact me ... Mercy me! lol

  4. Ralph I hope you are feeling better soon. I didn't get to your blog yesterday or I would have wished you well then. My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

  5. Hi Ralph,
    Ouch! Just read your blog now. I've been away for much of the weekend (and battling a nasty headcold) - with just having time to post and then running out the door - but I read about your fall. Hope you're healing quickly and taking care! I've enjoyed your recent posts and work as always : ) I'd like to see your parrot doodle sometime!