Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Race

The Race

Having not painted for at least two weeks, in fact the sight of paint made me shudder at the thought of painting. I was out walking and as I walked I saw the ships sailing in the River Forth near my home. it was actually a fairly calm day but there was enough breeze in air for a few yachts to be out sailing. It looked as if two of them were having a mini race, but not moving at great speed.

I thought, if I was the wind I would give them a little more help. Then, I can give them a little help. An artist does not have to paint what he/she sees the artist can paint what they feel. So I returned to the easel and painted the two yachts racing. I gave them more wind in their sails and a bit more life in the sea.

Now I know it is not the best sea painting but I hope I have captured the feeling of power and majesty. The clouds might not be a hundred percent correct, the sails and the lean of the boat might not be true. But then I was not trying to depict reality this painting is all about feeling. Mainly my feelings and the joy of painting again but I hope it stirs up some feeling in the eye of the viewer.

 Life is never an easy race but with a little help help from friends it gets easier.

The clouds were painted using a brush and acrylic paint. The sea was painted using only my fingers and the boats are nothing more than a few strokes of paint with a palatte knife.

This blog is linked to my other blog where this artwork was used. it can be seen at:- Finding Self


  1. A very powerful painting. Like the way you have achieved the power of wind and wave with diametrically opposed angles ... the waves lashing up to the left and the clouds racing to the right.
    You say it might not be your best, but it is certainly captivating. I find myself cheering for the second boat to catch up.

  2. Great greens in those seas, Ralph. The rest of my comment on this wonderful painting is on your other blog. Thoughts haven't changed and are only heightened by seeing this larger version of this painting.

  3. Just discovered your blog and look forward to exploring it, and your other blogs, when time allows.

    Love this painting! There is so much energy in it and the opposing diagonal lines are great!