Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Autumnal Abstract.

This painting was one of my first moves towards texture and form. This is an example of order out of chaos. I began this canvas hoping to paint a sky and then progress to a seascape. I enjoy painitng the sea being lucky enough to live close to it. I had made some lines across the canvas trying to decide where to put the skyline. Once the sky was painted I left it to dry. I was visited by my son who on seeing it commented that he was impressed I was trying something modern. He wondered what colours I was going to add between the lines.

Having slept on this whith his words in my mind I awoke and completed this painting as you see it. MY daughter had just moved house and she wanted this painting to hang in her reading room, where it hangs even now.

This painting is used on my other blog with the article called the, "Hairdressers Comb." seen at :-The Hairdressers Comb

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