Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Evening Sails Along the Forth.

I have used this painting on an earlier blog but long enough to use it again. I also just had to use it again because it was in fact the painting I was taking about in the blog this time. This painting caused much emotion on the day of its sale and so it will I know hold a very special place in the life of at least two other people and myself. There are times when things happen that will forever be remembered because of the emotion they stirred at the time. Who will ever forget those milestones of life, those great occasions? These events are not always happy events but they will be forever there. For me this painting will be forever one such moment, the day of its sale. I will not repeat the tale because it is told in the blog entitled, “The Ashtray.”

It was another of those paintings I am guilty of producing with the heart and not the head. I made no effort to depict the yachts or for that matter the colours of the water as they were exactly. I saw this scene and it stirred in me an emotion and that is what I tried to put into the painting. What a joy to know I succeeded for at least one other person.

It was painted using acrylic paint on canvas. The owner tells me it hangs in her bedroom because she wants it to be the first thing she sees in the morning and the last thing at night because every time she sees it she feels happy.

This painting is spoken of in my other blog which can be seen at:-The Astray


  1. I like this painting, Ralph, and I can see why she loves it so. I wish I lived on one of those sailboats.

  2. Beautiful painting and beautiful story! Isn't it wonderful how art can evoke such emotion?

  3. This is a beautiful painting, Ralph... no wonder it sold!!