Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ian the Chef

I am not sure if I have used this portrait before if I have I apologise. My concentration level is not at all very good just now I am finding most things so difficult due to the pain I am feeling with every action.

Ian runs the little cafe in our village a little meeting place where the food provided is good and the company even better. People gather there to chat and share the talk of the village.

This painitng was done as a kind of experiment with pastels. I used a black colourfix board and one white pastel. I was sure I had captured the likeness of Ian but not sure if he or his friends would like it. I put it in a mount and a frame, one that I could remove it from easily if not liked. I headed up tot the village to let him see. As I brought it out of the car his son was watching me. He came over to the boot of my car and told me to get the picture back into it straight away. "Dont let my father see it," he said. I thought well now I know. I was not sure but I did not think it was that bad.

I returned it to the boot. His son then said to me, "I will pay you later. That is one Christmas present well sorted." I breathed a sigh. It meant much to me that it was to be given as a gift without the person knowing of its existence.

This painting was chosen on my other blog because I associated Ian with food if not chopsticks. The chopsticks story can be read at :- Chopsticks

There is an interesting post on the topic of copying I would encourage contributions it can be read at the new blog of a dear friend. :- Pinnacles and Potholes


  1. Boy, that is sure one handsome man, Ralph! Ian would definitely be my cup o' tea! Great gift and well that Ian's son spotted it! A true treasure.

  2. Ian's portrait is wonderful on the black board - very masculine. I love the composition, too, and the stories that accompany this portrait.

    I am new to your blog so am not familiar with your accident. I pray for a speedy recovery and no pain - especially as you reach for that glass of wine! :-)

  3. Well done Ralph. Using one colour is one thing but using white sounds very tricky. I like your chopsticks story, a familiar classic.

  4. Very strong character portrayal. Well done indeed.

  5. This is a wonderful portrait, Ralph. Beautifully done!