Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Carnival Jazz.

Carnival Jazz

This painting was completed using acrylic on canvas. Painted in a great frenzy of emotion while listening to some jazz that sounded very calypso in nature. Sadly I cannot remember the music but can still feel the emotion of that day.

I chose this artwork for this thought because when I showed this work to others some saw it in a very positive way and shared with me the emotion and the joy. Others saw it in a variety of negative ways including a battle or a will melly of horses.

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The above  painting sold withing days of being painted and is now in a collection in Dunfermline.

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  1. Interesting what people see in this painting, Ralph. I see a section of an orchestra...Maybe it was preconceived by your title, but I like the image. It definitely melds with your thoughts and emotions. Congrats on the sale of the piece!