Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Apple, Can I Tempt You? (Completed)

The Apple

Can I Tempt You?


My apologies to those who must be tired of seeing this painting and commenting on it. On my other blog today I was talking about an apple tree that I pass most days when out walking and running. It is an apple tree that bears beautiful apples and one of its fruit was the subject of this painting.

I have passed it so often, I have picked and enjoyed its fruit and yet until yesterday I have taken it so much for granted. It was there to be enjoyed. I never gave thought to the story behind it.

How often that is the way of art, or the published word, we take it for granted. Never giving thought to the toils and the musings that lie behind it. The nurture and the care that brought it to this point.

This was brought home to me yesterday by Jennifer on her blog. A painting she has had for some time and worked on had her thinking of a title. She spoke of the work she has had to get it framed and ready to show. Now it is and a dream has become a reality. .

For more on this thought of dreams and bringing them to fruition see my other blog. The Motorway Apple Tree


  1. Oh.. the painting is lovely.. Arent we blessed to have apple trees.. and gorgeous fruits around us.. :-)

  2. Mon cher Ralph, ne vous avais-je pas dit que vous tentiez Eve ?... Bisous

  3. It's great! Wow! What an awesome composition. You've mastered those pencils very quickly!

  4. Such beautiful symbolic and inspiring..and it carries such a wonderful energy to it. Love it!

  5. Oh Ralph,, said it before but will say again.
    Wonderful drawing, rendered beautifully, and title is fitting .

  6. I too will repeat how much I love this drawing. I love this drawing. :)

    Thanks for the link to Jennifer's blog, nice site.