Saturday, 23 October 2010

Can I Tempt You? - Pastel

Can I Tempt You? - Pastel

You watched as I struggled with the new pencils. Some of you gave me a great deal of help and advice. Some even had a laugh at my expense. Maybe I will be remembered as the man who painted apples with straight lines. You know who you are and even now I am still laughing.

I took a larger sheet of pastel board and had another attempt at the same painting. This time I used pastel pencils. I painted it on white board in an attempt to make the colours of the apple brighter than they were on the black paper. I am not sure that it has worked out as I hoped but I think this subject still has worth for further exploration and attempts.

I have had a terrible time photographing it. I either get the apple looking good or the hand looking fair. I cannot seem to get both on the same picture. So please forgive the photograph I have put on here to share with you.

I am having to head off early tomorrow so not sure when I will post again but hope in the meantime you all feel creative and create a marvellous memorial.

I am not being sad please read my other blog to see the positive thoughts that lie behind this statement.

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  1. Excellent finish ..The apple is perfect and the hand well at first look I thought "no color"? but
    that would have been ordinary.. and this puts the focus on the apple exactly where it should be.

  2. Thank You Barbra since you looked I have managed to get my camera working and removed the pic from my ccell phone I think this is clearer.

  3. I am a loss for words! What an amazing canvas and as always full of the life you portray in all you sketch and paint.

    Congratulations! A masterpiece!