Thursday, 14 October 2010

Dog For Last Time

Dog For Last Time

You must be really tired of seeing this poor animal. This I promise will be the last time. Thanks to all who took the time to offer me some very valuable advice. I have added some darker tones but already I can still see where I need to soften the blending yet again.

I think it is time to do as both Barbra and Ruby have told me to do to lay it aside and maybe return to it again at a later stage.

I have enjoyed using the pencils but long to get back to using some colour again.

I tried the coloured pencils but could not get anything like the beauty that Katherine manages to create. In fact I found it almost impossible to get any feeling of colour at all. Still I am not in reality a person who gives up on a venture easily so will get them out and try again.

Ruby has twice now hinted that maybe I should try getting back to flowers. My fear about that is that I will maybe end up striving to create something like those who paint botanical illustrations. I just know I will fail miserably at such a venture.

So I will give it some thought and see what today brings.

So goodbye to the dog drawing for now.

On my other blog I was talking about acts of kindness. Can I say it again as boring as it may sound there are so many bloggers on here who day in and day out do acts of kindness by taking the time to give help and advice. I would like to remind them it is noticed and noted.

Thanks again.

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  1. How about pastels? You created some really beautiful, soft feeling paintings with them in the past.

    You've done very well with your dog. Congratulations.

  2. He is indeed a fine looking 'dawg'!

    You've done well indeed with pencils; soon it will happen without thought, the same as your paints. Just takes time and less concentration on your part; let the lines flow!

    If not flowers, how about more of your seascapes! Crashing waves, misty mornings?

  3. Hi Ralph .... Dog does look better with the second eyebrow darkened. I agree with Susan, that you've done well with a difficult subject.

  4. Hang in there Ralph. Practice makes perfect. In my workshops I try to get folks into the idea of doing the same painting 100 times without refering to any of the previous-and then compare the 100th to the first. As far as I know I have never had any takers on this. LOL

  5. Ralph .. you've really done a good job on this.. and you'll only get better..
    Now can I just hug his face?

  6. This is wonderful. Its nice to take the time to get the values in the drawing. He looks great!. I know the feeling, after graphite i cant wait to paint.