Thursday, 21 October 2010

Gates For Jerry

Gates For Jerry

I have started work on a painting using pencils, but this time pastel pencils. I know that Susan and Ruby have told me often that it is always more difficult to paint the same subject a second time. I also remember Heather doing a second version of a portrait and at the time saying she was finding it more difficult.

I have decided to try and do the apple painting again in a larger format using pastel pencils. I am trying it this time on white pastel board. I hope this might let me make the colours glow a bit more and the hand maybe slightly more sinister. I know it will mean making the background dark by using dark pencils over a large area, I am not sure if this will work.

I will not this time bore you again by showing it in progress and will only show it complete if it works.

So today the artwork is not mine but for me an unknown craftsman. The craftsman, who made these marvellous iron gates. I promised Jerry I would let him see them.

I was running through a large estate. I was aware that there was a castle, or at least a very large house on the estate but not sure where. I ran up a steep hill by the side of the river and there it was.

I was not sure how close it was safe to go without alarm systems giving warning of my presence. I was aware of cameras and the alarms they were all around.

I took this picture with my cell phone. Sorry Jerry I will make an effort next time to get a bit closer. I am sure the detail is marvellous.

On my other blog I was talking about knocking on doors and gates. These gates were very firmly locked. But who knows?

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  1. We never know until we try, what is behind them.. sometimes though they never open. By the way this is beautiful

  2. I love this type of ornate iron gate.... this pair look especially beautiful.

  3. You are so fortunate to live surrounded both by history and beauty. Lovely pic.

    Looking forward to seeing the second 'apple'.

  4. Thank you so much, Ralph! These are magnificent
    and I would love a closer shot if you could do so without peril. All doors open with persistance
    and when they are rusted shut there is always a window! It takes a little courage and no fear of rejection!