Friday, 29 October 2010

The Beauty of Age

The Beauty of Age

I still look in wonder at that drawing that Barbra did of the roots of the trees I pictured. She saw in those roots exactly what it was I saw the day I took the picture, and managed to convey it with pencil.

Today in my other blog I was talking about how age can often affect us, but we must not let it diminish us. Sadly youth often only lets us see in others what we see with the eyes. When they see me out running they do not see the hundred and more marathons that lie behind the runner. All they see is an older man who they could run faster than, if they had a mind to.

I have today added another marvellous picture or two of the roots of trees. I am not sure they would make the same beautiful painting that Barbra created with the other one, but let me tell you above these roots were two magnificent trees. Without these old and gnarled fingers and their years of age they would be just two more trees.

Art has the power that few other things have of letting us see something that others do not. The inner being of nature and of people.

I have also once again shown you a painting I did of an older man. I hope like me you see his inner wit and wisdom. I will leave you to guess who he is.

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  1. Is it your father? Yes,there is beauty and serenity in the aging process... the only place I DON'T want to see it is in my bathroom mirror!

  2. Hi Ralph..beautiful post..inspiring and well said about the beauty of age..! Those trees are magnificent..I have a deep love for nature and seeing those beauties sparks my heart! Gorgeous art..he has a beautiful soul..and an inner wizard lives inside him for sure! I do see that spark in his eye...I imagine he has great stories to tell!

  3. Ralph queste radici sanno di mesterioso. A volte la natura ci regala immagini veramente sublimi. ciaooo