Saturday, 9 October 2010

It Is Not Just Any Dog 2

It Is Not Just Any Dog 2

Yesterday I had a busy day one way and another. As usual, well it is my new usual, I began with a run. It was cold and windy but I still had a good run. I arrived home ready to get on with the dog drawing, first the blog, that had to be written. Then one thing after another and the day seemed to be flying past.

I did though in the midst of it get a little bit more done on the dog. I am sorry I have cut a bit of his ear off in the scanning. He is just too big to fit onto my scanner, maybe I should have taken a picture rather than use the scanner, but I have left that in my caravan so not an option without making a visit to it.

For better or worse here he is slowly progressing. I hope to finish him this weekend but having a visit from my daughter today will probably rule out any progress on that today.

Family always get my first attention. Hopefully we will either run or walk together.

How is the dog progressing? I am not at all sure. I can still see that I need to learn how to move from the darks to the lights more gently. But it is indeed a wonderful learning experience.

Thanks again all who are offering advice and encouragement.

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  1. Hi Ralph,
    Merci de nous montrer la progression de votre "toutou" ! Nous avons tous notre manière de travailler... Je m'aperçois que vous allez réaliser ses yeux vers la fin, alors que personnellement j'aurais sans doute commencé par ceux-ci... J'ai hâte de voir la suite. Aujourd'hui sera une excellente journée si vous êtes entouré de votre fille... Belle promenade et à bientôt;

  2. It's coming along very nicely! I'm interested to see that you work from one side of the paper to the other. I tend to do that too, but some people like to fill in the whole piece lightly, then darken and refine in phases. Interesting how our brains all see things differently. I hope you find some time to draw today!

  3. Coming along as it should, and I will say its looking just great... you are doing very well Ralph...

  4. Oh Ralph, what a nice surprise to find you're drawing! Its progressing very nicely. I think your new pencils are inspiring you...

  5. Interesting how you progress....concentrating on one part of drawing, then move on. I could never do that....too anxious to see the hole thing; I work like Katherine mentioned...see the whole picture then the parts.

    He is coming along quite nicely. Hope to see finished product soon.