Saturday, 16 October 2010

Can I Tempt You ? (2)

Can I Tempt You?

Yesterday I was given some encouragement to both carry on with this and to leave well alone. Now give that same option I ask you in all seriousness which would you chose? The wise decision would probably be to leave well alone. If at least one person is happy with something the way it is then it cannot be entirely bad.

The trouble is we always see something that we can make better. Katherine mentioned that she added layer upon layer to try and get the desired depth of colour. As I was doing this painting as a learning process I thought I would go with her suggestion as the best way to learn more about these pencils.

I am using different pencils from her. I am using Derwent Artists Studio Pencils.

I have added more layers of colour to the apple and defined the hand a bit more. I can already see that there may still be a way to go. The good thing is I feel that I am getting a better depth of colour.

I have stuck with the black paper for the moment but may do this painting again on white to make a comparison. I may also take this topic and develop it in pastel.

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Ruby was telling me yesterday she is having problems posing comments on my blog was I deleting them. No I never ever delete any comments so I am sorry if this has happened to you. I am aware that I have not been getting many comments there may be something I have done.


  1. Well done, Ralph! Huge improvement over yesterday
    but now I want to see more of the hand! At first it was just the apple that was the temptation, now maybe it is who is offering the apple? At least there are more layers than just color and that always makes a better painting!

  2. I really like this . When we're at that point where we like it and think "this looks good, I should stop right now" you worry that if you go further it will ruin what you've already accomplished.. Its your call Ralph. Choices..tough huh?

  3. Ralph - this is coming along very well. Since you have been asking for 'advice', may I send you to a very useful blog? It's called makingamark.blogspot and if you go into it and go down the right hand side column there is a section "Advice on Sketching" and a sub-section on "Starting to sketch with coloured pencils". There is even a free download which you might find useful. My two cents. Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Ralph,
    Hmmm.... always a tough decision. My 2 cents is that I would like to see a bit of colour introduced on the hand.

  5. Very nice, Ralph. You're really getting the hang of it. Keep up the good work!

  6. Vous allez tenter Eve, Ralph...!

  7. Ilove the colour on the black paper - It's so effective! I'd be tempted to finish the apple and leave just the indication of the hand as it is! This is a real eye-catcher Ralph :0)