Monday, 4 October 2010

Where Do I Begin?

 So I have all these beautiful pencils, a variety of kinds of pencils. I look at them and wonder just where do I start? I always enjoy watching people arriving on a caravan park. They roll in with their caravan or motor home. The first task is to find what for them, is a suitable pitch. One that gets full sunlight or one that is in partial shade. The more pitches that there are vacant the harder the task becomes. Some people can end up trying four or more before they are happy.

It seems that choice is not always a good thing. On the other hand I saw a really funny thing the other day there. I was walking along a woodland path, coming towards me was a man and woman and their two little dogs. The dogs were fighting over a stick, and it was a very serious battle they were having. The ground was covered with equally sized sticks, but they both, out of all the hundreds both wanted the same one.

So here I am, with all these pencils, all these lovely shades of black, and all these beautiful colours and I do not know where to begin.

I thought about the drawing I had done of the little bridge. Could I maybe do that in colour? Too difficult? I thought of the beautiful drawing sent to me by Barbra and the picture of the little tree by the lake I have brought home with me. Is this possible or again is this too difficult?

The little stone boat shed by the jetty I ran past every morning and made up wonderful stories about as I ran. Even more difficult?

I am at a real loss, spoilt for choice and a feeling that no matter where I begin it will lead to the wrong choice.

A fellow blogger, the other day, sent me a message about one of my very early blogs commenting on a vase of blue cornflowers. Maybe I should try and do something like this.

One thing is sure, as another blogger has said to me, I need to stop running and get back to my first real place, ART.

Have any of my blogging friends got any good suggestions to help me?

I thought I would share this picture with you just to make you smile. In the background is one of the mountains I ran up. The one in the distant centre, it is called, Coniston Old Man, in the foreground is just simply, The Old Man. Have a great day.

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Oh and Jerry I will try hard to post a few extras but I need also to try and catch up with reading blogs.


  1. I'm glad to be the first to comment.. You look wonderful,your mountain in the back is beautiful. So glad you got to do what it is you wanted. As for your drawing you can sit there and look at those wonderful pencils and a blank piece of paper and nothing will happen.. just pick something ... anything .. I like to zoom in something very close. but thats just my way..
    Leave the bridge alone for now... always go forward ... never back..
    I'll be happy to help you along your pencil route.

  2. Nice photo of you holding up a stone wall, Ralph!
    If we get to vote on your next drawing I would choose something in your allotment patch.

  3. Put your favourite music diskette on and 'go for it'. All subjects included here have merit and you are certainly so fortunate to have so many 'choices' near at hand. Some of us have travel quite the distance to have these choices.
    Enjoy; whatever you choose, we know it will be wonderful!

  4. I know this feeling very well... I often try to draw or paint what I think I can't, because I sometimes surprise my self! May be draw the thing you think will be the most challenging - You might surprise your self too!

  5. Bonjour Ralph, j'aime assez la toute première photo de la base du tronc d'arbre... Il me parle assez, il y a du vécu de par sa forme... Pourquoi ne pas le dessiner ?
    Merci pour l'ensemble de vos photos et jouez bien avec vos crayons. Bises