Saturday, 30 October 2010



I have always enjoyed looking at faces and people. The face is the doorway to the heart and the eyes the gates to the inner being. There are some faces that just call out to be painted because they show the inner being of a good person.

I showed you yesterday a portrait I had painted and asked if you could guess who it was. I laughed and laughed when Katherine said she thought it was my father. He is old enough to be my father but no he is just my dear old friend Archie whom I talk of often.

On my other blog today I am telling a bit more about his philosophy of laughter and I have used this picture of him. He will die a thousand deaths if he ever sees it on here but here it is. This is him at his very best, making people laugh just by being his old self.

I asked if you could see the glint in his eyes in the portrait? I hope I captured that you sure can see it in this real life picture of him.

I said I was going to paint this, but I never will because I know I never could catch what this is all about.

Laugh with my good friend Archie.

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  1. Great photo and painting! Yes you've captured quite a character here.

    Truly a person's being is in the eyes. Did you ever look at someone who is laughing and their eyes reflect something entirely different?

    As one ages the lines etch the personality and path...sorrow, sadness, anger, laughter, love and pain.

    All so unique!