Friday, 15 October 2010

Can I Tempt You?

Can I Tempt You?

Here I go again looking for a bit of guidance. No I am not to be tempted but I am seriously wondering about the coloured pencils I purchased. I have no doubt whatever that they are good quality pencils. Rather I think I am expecting more from them than I should.

I thought I would try this drawing in both black and white and colour. I chose to use a sheet of black drawing paper which does work well with bright white pastel pencils.

I wanted the apple to be in full colour the hand to be hinted at with white.

I have tried to layer the colour to build it up on the black but I am just not sure if it is working at all. Maybe I should start again using white paper?

The one thing I do like is the title. I am sure that it is obvious where it came from? Being a theologian I am aware that there is never ever any mention of an apple in the story this alludes to. There is the fruit of the tree of good and evil and the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Where the apple came from I do not know at all.

But I do like the play on words and for that reason I would love to make a good painting out of this one way or another.

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  1. It's a great drawing and a great composition. Don't stop now! I use Prismacolor pencils, which are wax-based. I have to build up about 10-20 layers of color to make something look real. The layers are applied with tiny little strokes and a very sharp tip. Then I blend them together with a colorless blending pencil. And sometimes I burnish (heavy pressure) with white prismacolor. That's just one way to do it. You'll find your own way, I'm confident! Keep it up!

  2. Je pense que Katherine a raison, il faut que vous soyez patient Ralph et vous sentirez les progrès arriver. Le sujet est intéressant.

  3. Wow! A truly striking drawing. It definitely draws the viewer's eye in and is tempting. One could sit and look at this drawing by the hour and never tire!
    That is the sign of a successful piece of artwork! Congratulations ... a masterpiece!

  4. Can't help here , not good with colored pencils myself so leave it to the experts. good luck with it . so far I think it looks good. I really like it on the black paper