Sunday, 17 October 2010

Can I Tempt You? (Final)

Can I Tempt You?

I think I will now call this one a day. I wonder if you notice that I have in fact added a signature to this one, the first of the drawings I have done that I have done so.

I know that some of you who have been producing work with pencils for a long time will still see things I could do to improve this, but for now I feel happy with it.

I like, as I have said before the title of this and because of that I may now try this again on white paper to see if I can get the colours to speak more to me. I might also try it using pastel pencils.

Seems that at last I have began to find that pencils and me are not so alien to each other.

When I saw the work of others in pencil I could not help yield to temptation. I hope in the long run my failing to resist will lead to joy and not in the end sorrow.

For more on the topic of temptation look to my other blog. I Can Resist Anything.


  1. I like how you left the hand in line only. It really draws the eye to the apple.

  2. You feel about pencil the way I feel about watercolor. But, really, if we've developed the basic art skills of drawing, composition, color... all we need to do is learn how to make the new medium respond to our ideas. It's just a matter of time. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it) Your apple and hand are wonderful! I'm particularly impressed with the drawing of the hand, and how it's so accurately shaped! Nice job!

  3. I do like the hand....I am a bit bothered by the lines of the apple on the vertical. Would have like them to follow the 'round' of the apple on the horizontal. But that is only my way; and not necessarily the right way! Since there is no right or wrong in art.
    You've accomplished quite a feat with your pencils here...the picture 'just glows'. Well done indeed

  4. Ralph , this is just fine, I like the way you defined the apple, but...... and this is your call. I agree with Ruby as to the vertical lines, I would have taken the horizontal route lol.. if just a bit and blended in. maybe not in the reflected light , but you can always try it that way in another medium.. .. The hand is exceptionally well done. Leave it ...