Thursday, 7 October 2010

Hands That Can Do It.

Hands That Can Do It.

I had a real rest day yesterday. I cleared up my work space. A laborious task but not one that was going to make me tired with the hard labour.

I did not run, thought it best to give my back a chance.

I did walk down to the village and had an hour with my dear old Friend Archie, who I have spoken of often before and shown his portrait.

He is a man of few words but a man full of wisdom, and it is amazing how a glass of his favourite tipple can bring that wisdom to the fore.

He asked me what I had painted in the morning. I told him in all honesty that I had painted little in the past month. That I had bought some new materials but was not getting on fast with them.

He looked at me and said, “Son it is not the materials or these hands of yours that is at fault. It is what is going on between your ears. Stop trying and look at what you have done before. Once you have done that come back and tell me again you cannot do it.”

The paining I have added to both blogs today is one of my very early artworks. I have put it on here before. I painted this one day after I had already painted an abstract that I did rather feel happy with. Two paintings that day, and both made me feel good.

The reason I painted the hands was simply because I had been pleased that those same hands had produced something of joy.

So I put them on again today to remind me of that moment and to remember that these, “Hands Can Do It.”

Painted on black pastel paper using hard pastels.

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  1. Archie is right. Try to get all that stuff out of your head and go paint something that you are passionate about. Then don't paint it, paint the feeling it gives you...

  2. Susan you are sounding just like my Archie ok I am working on it at this very minute.

  3. Wise man Archie! Best listen to him!

  4. A lovely expressive pair of hands. Archie is a wise man. Just do it, and enjoy the journey. :-)