Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A day that only got worse.

A day that only got worse.

Have you ever had a day when you wished you had stayed in bed, or a day where you could have just missed it out and moved on? Well yesterday I had just such a day.

It started off very well, a nice hard uphill run, things could only get better. I managed to write my blogs and post them, as some of you will be aware. I then went to print off what I hoped would be the picture I would attempt to draw.

The day went rapidly downhill. MY computer began to play up. The printer would not work, my camera would not connect. The screen kept blacking out. No matter what I tried nothing seemed to help. I got more and more frustrated. Eventually I discovered a loose connection to a usb hub which was causing all the problems. The trouble was I had let it get to me.

The painting was not coming on as fast and the way I wanted it, so I gave up and consigned it to the bucket. I did a further two tasks that went the same way.

I eventually gave up and decided at least if I went out for a walk nothing would go wrong there. I was correct. I had a great walk and decided on the way home to call in at the hairdressers and have my hair tidied up.

Thank goodness there is only a week or so between a bad haircut and a good one. To be fair the hairdresser made a great job, just took off more than I had wanted.

I got home and decided to shower off all the loose hair. I slipped on the bathroom floor and landed on my back right on the spot still weak from my much more serious accident. To make matters worse I knocked my brand new novel into the shower where it has ended up soaked from cover to cover.

As I lay down to rest it I thought, “All I need now is for somebody to knock on the door and ask if I want to purchase some lucky white heather.”

Today I start again. No running will have a day of rest clean up my painting area and if anything speaks to me I will listen.

I have told you that my paints and pencils speak to me? Does yours do the same?

Thanks to all my friends who during the course of yesterday were bright lights in a dark day. Those who contacted me on here and the ones who emailed. Without you all I am sure it would have been even worse.

Oh ! the painting on this blog today is an abstract I painted after seeing an old brick wall covered in autumn leaves and plants. A large work on canvas painted with acrylic using my fingers.

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  1. Hi Ralph... I know the feeling those days..

    see you

  2. Ah yes, I seem to have had many such days recently. And I must say our third rainy day in a row is doing little for spirits here.

    You must tell me how I can subscribe to the 'pencil and paint conversation line'. Wish my materials would speak to me; maybe then I'd have less belaboured canvases about.

  3. Dear Ralph,

    Sorry to hear about your disastrous day. I can empathize.

    Re: pencils... where to start? Just play! Set yourself a time limit, say 10-15 minutes, have NO expectations as to results (after all ... this is play time and results don't count) and just get to know your new pencils... how they draw, how soft or hard they are, how easily they smudge or don't smudge, etc. Then, when you see a subject you'd like to draw you'll be more confident knowing which pencils to use and how to get the effect you're after.

    Works for me! :-)

  4. Thank you Teresa good sdvice is always welcome

  5. Hmm.. The idea of a day starting with a hard uphill run is nightmare enough for me, without all the rest! I do hope your back is alright. Ignore everything else - Your book will dry, your pc can be fixed and since you've had such a bad day, it surely means you are due an extra good one soon!! :0)

  6. I'm sure your creative juices will be flowing so much more today, I mean after a bad day like that. Your painting is very Fall like! The bright and cheery colors are great.
    Do have a happy Wednesday, Ralph

  7. No, the pencils do not speak to me, but I am convinced that the motifs in my paintings found me, and I'm not the motives

  8. Feel better soon. Glad you are resting after the slip in the bathroom. YIKES!

  9. Ahh Ralph... you need a donut or cupcake to cheer you up! Sorry how the day went and sure tomorrow will be a sunnier day.

  10. It 's true, it would be better if these bad days ended as soon as possible! But, as you say, our painting, our creative tools help us to overcome these moments. I really like the painting you posted, this is the kind of abstract that I would like to do!