Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Textured Sunflowers.

Textured Sunflowers.

On my other blog today I was talking about losing sight of my goals. I think it was in the creation of this painting that I began to lose sight of what I was trying to do in art. I had had a measure of some success in terms of producing one or two textured paintings that I liked and felt happy to have created. Sadly not too many people have agreed with me on that and I still have most of them laying about the place unsold.

I then tried to do some drawing with pencils. I have also been trying to get to grips with airbrushes.

I have been writing not just this blog but the other. Then on top of that I decided to get back into fitness.

So the goals have become many and I have got lost in the fog.

So as I said on the other blog I am going to be more precise about what I try to achieve on a day to day basis.

Instead of a bundle of goals I will set smaller goals throughout the day.

1. Today my first goal was to add an extra two miles to my morning run. Done.

2. To write my Blogs. Done.

3. To do a bit more work on the dog. Still to be done.

4. To read and comment on some blogs.

I think that will make for a manageable and good day that will lead to the sleep of joy.

I hope you all have a good day.

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  1. Good for you Ralph. No reason to overwhelm yourself. I like your goals for today, simple, fun activities. Enjoy!

  2. More of your 'happy flowers'. You may add these to your list of goals. We all need to see more of your 'happy' flowers.

  3. its great to makes goals. Its even more when we can keep them. This is very Vincent Van G. I like it, very sunny.

  4. simple? to me it sounds like a lot! maybe you are an overachiever? but a dear one, to me.

    let life live through you...

  5. Wow Ralph... lists, goals, timetables and here I am just flyin' by the seat of my pants!