Saturday, 28 August 2010

Along The Coastal Path

Along The Coastal Path

I have used this painting before. I apologise that I have not had any new works for a while. I have painted nothing that I would share. I am hoping that maybe my time away will inspire me to do something that is worthy of sharing.

I do so love the coastal path and it will be interesting to run and walk some parts I have as yet not seen.

This painting was done after one such run. I was never happy with it and recently toned down the sky and added the two sailing boats. Still it has not sold and I suspect it never will.

The first time I showed Sharon from Dundee said she liked it.

I do so enjoy painting seascapes and have maybe got to think about returning to that subject and give the abstracts a rest.

This is painted in acrylic on canvas.

In my other blog I talk about rejection. It is not only people who face rejection so do some paintings. I have at last learned though that just because a person does not like a painting it has nothing to do with their liking me or not.

Ha ha. I laugh because I was talking to an artist yesterday who had as yet not learned that lesson.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. And hence? The rejection theme! LOL Sometimes I can put two and two together and come up with 4. Eureka!

  2. I've learned that a painting that hasn't sold is just waiting for the right client to appear. When they do, the painting will have a new home. It's never rejection. Whenever I get to thinking I've carted a certain piece to enough places for long enough, and it's time to find a place at home, it's energy finds a new home. It's a case of matchmaking. Enjoy your runs, and the energy spent and received.

  3. I like this boat in the dunes and grass. Something almost forgot. The path to water, that boat just sitting there feeling and hearing the water so close. Lovely colours, and such a story