Monday, 23 August 2010

The Tiger

The Tiger

On my other blog I was talking about intelligence. It is a really strange word when you think about it. It causes so much snobbery among certain groups of people. They are proud of what they have learned and some even go as far as to look down on those less intelligent than themselves.

The tiger must be one of the most intelligent of hunters, but do not ask it to do multiple division. It has no need for that.

I have to confess that being one who was told to leave school at an early age I have at times in my life been proud of my future university achievements. Not intelligent enough to sit higher qualifications at school I ended up part of the writing team for the same examinations.

What keeps me on my feet is the fact that I have many friends who might still not have the same qualifications, but they can sort my car and build my walls and repair the electrical fault.

When it comes to art! I have a great love of tiger paintings, almost as much as I have for floral art. I have seen some marvellous paintings of tigers that allow me to see I have much to learn.

The wonderful thing is I have found this blogging friendship where it is easy to look at the wonderful work of others, and to learn.

I thank you all once again.

The Tiger

He has one thought in mind, the kill.

Or so it would seem, as he intently stares upon his prey.

Slowly but surely putting his knowledge to the test.

He does so to survive.

To provide for his family.

Those to whom he will pass on his knowledge.

We each have our talents and our skills

Our learning and our wisdom

How we use it is the question

To gain or benefit us all.

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  1. Very nice! This tiger looks intelligent and inquisitive... I like him!

  2. A well done portrait of this gorgeous tiger, Ralph. How did you get him to sit still for so long? (LOLOL)

  3. nice take on 'intelligent'. nice portrait of the tiger! I like your blog because there is always a message to take home!

  4. I agree, the tiger looks very intelligent and it's great to be part of this group.

  5. Ralph, I loved the tiger portrait, so much of energy is oozing out of his eyes! I think it is ok if I am not intelligent, I probably am one of the least intelligent, but for me it is more important to be a good compassionate human being than being intelligent :-)