Friday, 13 August 2010

Loves Reaches Deep

Love Reaches Deep

One of the days I apologised for adding a photograph to this blog. A comment was made that I should not apologise because a photograph was an expression of art.

I have thought about these words for some time now. I have often thought that I should make some attempt to put words to some of the paintings I have done and turn them into some kind of “meditation card”. Or to be even simpler a card with some thoughts to inspire further thinking by the reader.

Since the day Susan made that comment about the photograph I have thought that it does not only need to be paintings it could also be cards.

I posted three examples yesterday on a website and await any feedback. As yet none, so maybe it was not such a great idea.

Here is one of the photographs. I took this picture while walking round one of the well known Scottish Lochs.

My thoughts on it are:

The roots of the tree reaches deep into the earth from where it gains its strength.

It is grounded firm against the difficulties life throws our way.

It reaches out to remain secure.

Love reaches down deep into our beings.

We need such love to be grounded.

We need to reach out and find security from the troubles that life throws our way.

These are prompts for further thought with the picture to assist.

I know that those who read my blog and comment or email will tell me exactly what you think of this idea. I can hear one or two telling me to get back to reality and off my sloppy horse.

Thanks again to Susan for the initial thoughts that made my brain go down this road for both blogs.

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  1. A beautiful photo, Ralph. It shows the tenacity of life...a timelessness. I like your idea!

  2. Wonderful picture and thoughts. I once did an intaglio print of exposed roots and for me it was 'Survival'; which at the time is what I was endeavouring after a mind and body shocking period of my life.
    I still cannot look at exposed tree roots with glorious crowns of leaves above and not marvel at the survival!

  3. I think the photo is amazing ... it almost speaks for itself. Your artist's eye has captured it in the way that it does this. Love bypasses our logical minds.
    The cards are a nice idea .... sometimes it takes a little while for people to see them.

  4. Molto interessante e la foto è particolarmente affascinante.ciaoooo

  5. HI Ralph, I like this picture. The thoughts you leave us with, comparing how we need love in our lives, just as the tree needs what's around it to survive. Its so true. And the country song story... I'm a firm believer that if you truly do for others from your heart with no expectations in return, you will receive more than double in return. I try to live like this. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone did for others instead of trying to do for themselves? Wow... Maybe that's what heaven's like?

  6. Ralph, you won't hear a discouraging word from me. Stay on the "sloppy horse", it is a great idea! The things I have failed at in life are the ones I have abandoned. And it is a wonderful photo of a very old tree.

  7. OMG! Ralph, I love this, may I do it in pencil with your permission? I love your words on it and think I may keep them just to read to myself ..Thanks so much for sharing...

  8. It's a lovely photo, and I like your idea of adding another dimension to your art.

  9. Beautiful photograph! If I would have happened across this beauty I too would have had to take it's picture!

  10. It's a beautiful photograph Ralph and beautiful words! You keep making the cards. People love cards and love their message. It's important.

  11. This post took me back to my teenage years when I did a story named "THE TREE" in my local language Kannada for a famous magazine,the artist had done the tree drawing very similar to this one. Amazingly the thoughts expressed here are very similar, lovely photograph, thanks to you, I took a trip down my memory lane:-)