Monday, 16 August 2010



I have used this artwork before and told the story of the owner now being a blind person. But I am still thinking of my project of a small selection of cards with meditative themes.

These cards could have the artwork on the front the small meditation guide on the inside and a blank space to either make further notes or to include a message.

I promise not to inflict too many of these on you but I have to say I am finding the feedback, from those of you who have taken the time to contact me, both interesting and inspiring.

So here is my painting of my own hands. Painted at the end of using them to work with pastel.


Are treasures to be cared for.

They can achieve much.

Bring much peace and joy.

Can reach out to brush a tear.

To sooth a bruised leg, and pride.

To offer help in times of need.

But the same hands can also cause grief and pain

They can destroy.

A simple thought, “It is all in our Hands.”

I hope today your hands are treasure both by you and those with whom you will share this day.

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  1. Ralph, you are taking on this idea and running with it. I love that enthusiasm. I suspect these cards will sell if they are available at your regular art venues in which you sell your pieces. Maybe too even at the local stores. I hope you find much success with this new venture!!

  2. I say always, our hands are speeking about us,
    your painting is simply beautifull

  3. I like the card idea, the sentiments you're expressing and your paintings would illustrate them beautifully.

  4. This painting is quite symbolic - I like that in a painting.
    I like that there is no background too. Wonderful :0)