Sunday, 22 August 2010

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

This is an abstract I did not too long ago. It was produced using texture and a series of glazes. I really was happy with the finished effect.

It seems that I was probably alone in that. I know my wife did not like it at all, neither the painting nor the palette used.

It has been hanging for sometime now and probably long enough to give up on it.

I will not be able to paint over it because of all the texture so I think I will look for a corner in my study and hang it there. I am after all the only person that ever sits in this room.

I used it today because it does make me smile and that is just what I was talking about on the other blog. Those people who have the ability to make us feel good.

I had a difficult meeting yesterday with somebody I found it very difficult to agree with or even come close to agreeing with. I will have to work on that.

How I rejoiced when I later met with the old friend I talk about today.

Then, to open the blog before going to bed and read your comments, just finished my day lovely.

Yes it is good to know there are people who have the ability to make me feel like dancing.

Shame I can’t dance and sign but hey one out of two is ok.

Have a good day I hope you meet somebody who makes you want to sing and dance.

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  1. I like this painting Ralph. It's uplifting and the colors are happy. I"m glad you felt like dancing. Dancing's fun.

  2. Good Morning Ralph, today will be a great day.
    I love this painting, I think it is my favorite!
    It is primitive, happy, dancing and joyful.

  3. A painting that makes you smile is a success, Ralph. And I like it!

  4. Go Ralph! yes, it makes me feel like dancing . About a minute ago I heard Aretha Franklin doing her R-E-s-p-e-c-t- and I got up and danced...( I know its an oldie but goodie....
    I've posted my WIP of your tree and a link back to you. I have much work to do on it..and will be a long while before I can consider it
    'finis' BJ

  5. Happy painting, Ralph! It makes me smile!

    I like your idea of little cards and feel you should not give up on it. You have much to share! Look at I had some little cards made that has a segment of a painting on one side and my info on the other. Very inexpensive. They are small (or you could do larger ones) so your message would need to be short. However, you are good with words! So, go for it!

  6. really uplifting. Have a nice day!