Wednesday, 4 August 2010


The Finish Line.

My apologies that I have again no art to put on this blog this morning. In my other blog I was talking about puting off the things you know you should be doing to do other things.

Well let me make a great big confession. I have not been painting nearly as much as I should be or for that mattr would like to be. I have a reason and I hope it is not an excuse.

Since taking up painting I have allowed it to almost dominate my life. I am prone to doing that. The trouble is some of the things I have been putting off is the regular excercise I used to do. Not only that I have been indulging myself in other ways.

The result: overweight. Just before going on holiday I had managed without thinking to put on two stone, for those who do not know that weight system that is 28pounds.

The picture on both blogs today is what I used to be like. I know so you do not need to say it, but at least not carrying an extra 2 stone.

I have been putting off doing anything about it and feeling so unfit. So I have decided this is a priority and I have been getting out, running and walking and more importantly indulging myself less.

Yesterday I had managed to lose 14 of those pounds so a mile marker. I am familiar with mile markers having run hundreds of marathons. So I have another two markers set down. Each for 7 pounds to get rid of the additional 14.

I know this blog is about art but can you just give me this one. Sharing this secret with you I feel will help me do it.

I will now go and paint, without the little choclate biscuit beside the coffee cup or the bottle of ale and packet of crisps.

As my other blog says. You can do anything you want if you want to bad enough.

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  1. Thankyou for sharing this picture Ralph.

  2. Wow Ralph! From your contemplative icon, I never imagined you looking like this! Muscles, muscles, muscles...

    Good luck with the weight loss. Sounds like you're well on your way.

    Loved the stories about your son. Makes me wonder about all the important things I've been overlooking or putting off. I'm sure the list could be long. It is always more fun to just go paint. Mike keeps telling me painting is my job, so when he goes to work, I should too. Sometimes I take him to literally...

  3. I can't imagine how many stones I've added on since 2002. Not a pretty picture. Rotten hormones, delightful foods. What can I see. You go, Ralph! I know you can do it!

  4. Good Morning Ralph, I will comment twice in one day! In the past every time I got the feeling that I should do some excersize, I would lay down and rest until that feeling went away! I have always been big, more the weight-lifter type than the marathoner. Now I am seeking energy where ever I can find it, crisps and an ale and coffee and a bisquit would be great! For now it all tastes like cardboard! Never-the-less, you are an inspiration!

  5. Wow! Good on you Ralph. I think MANY of us battle that and it's commendable that you've done something about it and have goals. I've had bouts where I've exercised diligently - but it's been well overdue. You've inspired me to get moving!

  6. Hot stuff!! LOL. I know its hard to loose and easy to gain. Not everything in life is such. once in awhile (ei my blog) we post something un art like. *rolls eyes* Just go with it. Looking forward to hearing more

  7. Life is art! Post what you are- that is enough. Congratulations on your markers met! That is a wonderful accomplishment. And now you'll feel so much better, your painting will benefit.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. You look fine to me Ralph. You go !!!