Saturday, 14 August 2010

Textured Sunflowers

Textured Sunflowers

Well I finished the textured sunflowers and I guess it is back to the drawing board. I know some of you keep giving me a ticking off for putting down some of my work (well most of it to be exact) but I am just being a realist.

This one I cannot do anything more with because of the method I have used to produce it. I do not like it at all. MY friend who is usually the first person to see most of my works agreed with me saying, “Of all the ones you have done this is the first one I have totally disliked.”

Last night my son and daughter in law were round, her last Friday of the holidays. We had an ale and I had cooked Paella the way I learned while in Spain. My son saw the painting and said he liked it.

So it is not all lost at least one person likes it.

The big mistake I made was adding the texture to the canvas without first adding a base colour. Will not make that mistake again.

For what it is worth I have posted it here .

Have a good Saturday.

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  1. I like it too, Ralph! I think it simply needs stems! The background is so sunny which is perfect!

  2. I think stems would have made it more like a really bad attempt at straight floral art I was trying more to catch the mood than the realism. Thanks again for your positive comments though.

  3. Hi Ralph, I like it too! The "base color" is what I was talking about earlier with the gesso!
    Sometimes I apply it like a mad man with a paint roller! I never know what it will be and always know that it will determine the focal point. "Gesso" is always the base and interestingly enough it is what we bring to a conversation from one human to another: our preconceived notions from which we will judge each other. Life immitating art!

  4. Well, I like the colors and I see a puppy face in there. Not all of our work will be keepers. But all of our efforts will be great learning experiences for future works.
    I do a lot of stuff I don't like. It's makes the stuff I do so much sweeter!

  5. I must say this is a different avenue for you. I agree with the 'first person' who always sees your work....this does nothing for me. So sorry, try another.

  6. Count me in with your son... I like it. I like the depth of color, the richness and the swirly look to it. Feel free to mail it to the US anytime!