Sunday, 15 August 2010



My apologies that I have no further art today. I was interested in the comments made yesterday and thank you all for your honesty , including Ruby who did not like it at all. I can fully understand that. Maybe I will lose it somewhere, we will see.

So today let me share another of my photographs that I may one day make into a card.

I love butterflies.

They are so gentle with the flower.

They come they take what they need and leave the flower with what it needs.

They help each other each in their own ways.

Shared Harmony.

We need others even though we often act as though we do not.

It is not possible to be totally self sufficient.

But sadly so often we take what we need with aggression.

Why can we not learn the way of peace.

Can we begin with our children?

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  1. I like your comment cards Ralph! So often the only thing we convince our children is that we are bigger than they are!

  2. Ooh, don't get me started on all the mistakes we, as a society, are making in raising our children. I wish that we all could be more like butterflies... Nice post, Ralph!

  3. Let children be little.

    This butterfly reminds me of the Hawkeye BF here in NC USA. Lovely orange