Friday, 6 August 2010

Home From the Sea

Home From The Sea

Well now what is happening? Two paintings completed in two days. Well let me explain. As you are no doubt aware I am a Scotsman, and yes I do wear a kilt. I am sure you have all heard the stories about us Scots. We are all mean and we keep every coin in our pockets a prisoner. We being a Scotsman and coming into my paint area yesterday morning I noticed a fair bit of paint still left over from the day before painting.

Cannot have that. So in spite of all the criticisms I had had about the colour of the previous painting I got out a canvas and produced another. All this walking along the coast seems to be getting to my inner me.

Same colour but used in a slightly lighter way. This time I had the canvas portrait rather than landscape. Not so sure I like it as much as the other one but I have not binned it so that has to be a first.

I used it on the other blog because whenever I see yachts sailing I cannot get out of my head the idea that they are dancing on the waves.

Oh and before I finish I have to put the record straight. We Scots are not at all mean, we are open hearted and very generous. We had a prime minister very well known both sides of the pond but well known in Scotland for a very different reason. Her name was Margaret Thatcher. She came to Scotland and stood at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and had the nerve to say there was no such thing as society, only individuals. We in Scotland are proud of our society and no matter what anybody says and thinks we care for one another.

But that does not mean we can waste paint. Ha ha. Have a great day.

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  1. colori molto delicati per questo mare così armonioso...complimenti

  2. A gorgeous painting and again, I love this palette. Now being a Scot myself...I must say that frugality is something I also do, though cheap and mean and stingy I am not! LOL

  3. Ralf, it is so beautiful! I like how you shaped the yachts and that they are bright white.
    As for the kilt, I once was in Edinburgh and I bought myself a handmade kilt, I love it! ;; Proud to have a kilt from Scotland!

  4. Good on you - for not wasting paint.... especially when it can be turned into something as beautiful as this ! I get the feeling heaven and earth have been joined in this painting..... the horizontal lines of the sky and water, with the tall sails of the boats inbetween.

  5. A kilt? You wear it? Like, every day? I am from "out West", Indian country and I have moccasins! I wear them too, but only occasionally. I like these golden sunset colors Ralph, glad you didn't waste the paint. I bet the kilt is for the tourists!

  6. Ralph, I have to say - I LOVE this! I think this has to be my favourite of yours to date! I absolutely love the colours you have used. It is a calming painting and if I would hang it on my wall any day!

  7. Hi Ralph, nice to meet you, thank you for leaving a comment and following my blog! Your artwork is stunning. I absolutely adore anything to do with the sea. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. A wonderful painting!! I love it! And I can't imagine Scotsmen being mean at all after knowing you.

  9. Dear Ralph,

    1) I loved your feisty post. You tell 'em about it!

    2) I checked the previous post, and though I like both paintings, I have to honestly say I like this one better. With results like that I heartily recommend you keep up the frugality!