Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Thoughts of Spring.

Thoughts of Spring

As I said in my other blog I had a marvellous day yesterday visiting an exhibition of Impressionist paintings of gardens and flowers. So many beautiful works of art and so much to take in.

Those who follow my blogs and those whose blogs I follow know I have a real love of such things. I look at so many of your blogs and am so often dumbstruck by the beauty you are all able to portray.

I know this is going to sound controversial but I am going to say it anyway. I looked at some of the masters and in most case I was blown away. There were others where I looked and I thought, my blogging friend ………. has done something like that and better.

I was captured by a painting of Van Gogh. It was a garden painting, “Undergrowth.” I have seen pictures of this work before but to see it for real was just something else.

I carried the image in my mind and thought about my feeble attempts to convey that feeling.

The painting I have included here is one such example.

I am pleased I attempted this work but I am now inspired to look again and see if I can make a better job of conveying what I attempted.

So another canvas finds its way on to my repaint bundle. I am going back to read Katherine’s comment the other day about how to see that as positive. I am going to take the inspiration of the master and make a further effort.

Thanks to Van Gogh and thanks to Katherine.

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  1. It has only been recently that I've come to truly appreciate the art of Van Gogh. He was such a tortured man, I think. I've often thought that artists that blog and that I follow can do much better work than some of the so-called 'masters.' That said, I look at the art of the Renaissance and Baroque periods and wonder if any one that I know could paint just so exquisitely? I've not seen art with that otherworldly feel yet. So amazing what people can do, you included, Ralph. I love this Van Gogh inspired piece. It is rather haunting.

  2. for me Ralph, this is a good work, nice colours and light

  3. I love this painting ..... it has a tender, exquisite touch.

  4. There is nothing like seeing paintings in person. They are always so much "more" than what is seen in a good photograph or reproduction.

    Your painting is nice - especially the foreground with those lovely colors. I can almost smell that spring earth that comes in the beginning of the season. Well done!

  5. I love the colours and movement in this painting - and I suspect that many of the great masters were unhappy with their work, so you are in good company.

  6. Hi Ralph.
    What is so amazing is that as soon as I looked at this painting and BEFORE I scrolled down to read what you had written, I instantly thought that it had a Van Gogh look to it! It really is fantastic!

  7. This painting is done well. Great colors.

  8. brilliant! love the painting Ralph..I agree with you:to see the masters in real is something totally different..it has to be experienced!